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Led Zeppelin In Through the Outdoor

Led Zeppelin In Through the Outdoor

Led Zeppelin In Through the Outdoor


Swan Song SS 16002 USA disco NM portada NM con el sobre pardo original, preservado en shrink original

Studio album by Led Zeppelin
Released15 August 1979
RecordedNovember–December 1978
StudioPolar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
LabelSwan Song
ProducerJimmy Page

The original album featured an unusual gimmick: the album had an outer sleeve which was made to look like a plain brown paper bag (reminiscent of similarly packaged bootleg album sleeves with the title rubber-stamped on it), and the inner sleeve featured black and white line artwork which, if washed with water, would become permanently fully coloured. There were also six different sleeves featuring a different pair of photos (one on each side), and the external brown paper sleeve meant that it was impossible for record buyers to tell which sleeve they were getting (there is actually a code on the spine of the album jacket which indicated which sleeve it was—this could sometimes be seen while the record was still sealed). The pictures all depicted the same scene in a bar (in which a man burns a Dear John letter), and each photo was taken from the separate point of view of someone who appeared in the other photos. The walls are covered with thousands of yellowed business cards and dollar bills. The photo session in a London studio was meant to look like a re-creation of the Old Absinthe House, in New Orleans, Louisiana.[6][7][8][9][10]

Side one
1."In the Evening" John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant6:53
2."South Bound Saurez" Jones, Plant4:13
3."Fool in the Rain" Jones, Page, Plant6:10
4."Hot Dog" Page, Plant3:18
Side two
5."Carouselambra" Jones, Page, Plant10:34
6."All My Love" Jones, Plant5:53
7."I'm Gonna Crawl" Jones, Page, Plant5:29
Led Zeppelin
Additional personnel

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